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Highmast Lights
The masts is continuously tapered, generally 20 sided polygonal, presenting a good visual appearance.
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Nova Energy Corp
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General Information

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The mast is constructed from special steel as per BSEN 10025/IS 5986, Grade Fe 210 or equivalent with excellent UTS, Yield Stress and Elongation and corrosion resistance properties along with suitable weldability.The plates are cut folded to form 20 side polygonal cross section and welded longitudinally as per BS 5135/ IS 10178.

Special Feature

  • High Mast Poles are designed with factor of safety of 2.0.
  • Head Frame point suspension type better for balancing of Lantern Ring.
  • Stainless Steel Wire Rope and Hardware which lasts for a long time.
  • Available in single piece 3m to 14m.
  • Aerodynamic shape and mechanically strong to face wind speed up to 180 km/h.
  • Easiest to install as base is identical from all direction and available in direct grouting type and Base plate bolted type.
  • Robust door opening and locking system increase life of internal accessories.


  • Road junction, Town centres, Airport Apron Lighting, Motor Ways, Service Areas, Railway Yard Lighting, Docks and Harbors, Industrial Areas, Car Parks, Container Depots, Stock Yard, Sports Stadium, Shopping Premises.
  • Stainless Steel Wire Ropes
  • The mast is fitted with 6/8 mm diameter flexible standed stainless steel wire ropes (7/19 construction and grade AISI 316) with a factor of safety of more than 5 times the safe working load of the winch.
  • Power Tool For Winch
  • The winch drive unit shall be of a fixed type, 3-phase-415V, heavy duty, single speed, reversible power tool for railowering operation of the lantern carriage. It can be of in-built / detachable type with an over load clutch.
  • Lightening Arrester
  • A suitable provision for fixing lightening arrester is there on the top of the head frame cover at center position.

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