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Solar Off Grid Power Plant Systems
An off-grid inverter can convert the DC energy from solar panels and batteries into AC electricity which powers normal appliances.
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Nova Energy Corp
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●    Silent, non-polluting & renewable

●    Provides clean & reliable power to load inspite of variations in solar irradiation.

●    The system minimizes the capacity requirement of PV array.

●    Provides fully automatic uninterrupted power output & full protection from short term power cuts.

●    Can be installed & expanded easily

●    Easy installation

●    Extremely reliable with minimal maintenance

●    Good savings in electricity bills

●    Power supply to Telecom Towers

●    Approximately 70% Saving on diesel fuel

●    Stand alone & can be integrated with existing Telecom tower power supply unit

●    Remote monitoring & Data logging system

●    Silent, non-polluting & renewable

●    Can be installed & expanded easily

●    Extremely reliable with minimal maintenance

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